Wisconsin Good Sam Organization 
Words from the Director


Hi, Fellow Good Sammerís!

             We are WI Good Samís. Wow, what an achievement Ė camping and getting together Ė having fun is still alive and well here in Wisconsin.  "Camping Rocks" is our Rally theme for 2020. It will be held at Chippewa Falls also known as the Northern WI State Fairgrounds on June 18th through the 21st with June 16th and 17th as the early bird.

The State Presidents and State Staff are working hard to make this a special event. Lots of new ideas and activities, but what we need is help from all our chapters to accomplish this.  Chapters are asked to bring door prizes at a value of $25.00 which can be divided into two different items, but they must equal $25.00 or around there.

 We will be having games; some will be new and some will be old. There will always be something to do for everyone.

There will be vintage campers attending the Good Sam Rally and they will be on display. You will also be able to go inside of them and see what they looked like years ago. Donít miss out on this great event!

Bob and Marlene Ruh 
WI State Good Sam Directors