Wisconsin Good Sam Organization  
Paper Game 
Results for 2018

Riddle Winner:
Art Schuetz #179


Word Search:
Word  Search Winner: Rita Cepress #170 


Trivia Winner:
Judy Cressor #153 


Rose Color Meanings:
Rose Color Meanings Winner: Steve Peters #128


Cranberry Country Cruiser's Ditty Bag Raffle: 
(55 were turned in). We gave away a pitcher with a rose stem on it, a picture frame with roses on it, a angel bear figurine with roses on it and a miniture tea set with roses on it. 
Winners were: #143, Jackie Jensen #114, #150 and #172 (we would like to know your names if you see this and can email me.)

Campfire Medallion:
was not found this year.  


2018 Pop Tabs Collected for Ronald McDonald House Charities 
using 1,267 as a pound):

Cranberry Country Cruisers - 168.4 lbs. - 213,362 tabs
2005-2018 - 1,988.4 lbs. - 2,519,301 tabs

Bell Ringers - 17.0 lbs.
Apple River Drifters - 10.0 lbs.
Marshlanders - 6.0 lbs. 
Top-O-Wisconsin - 4.0 lbs. 

2018 State Total: 205.4 pounds - 260,241 tabs

was Bonnie Owen and found by Riana Bahr

was Wayne Schuette and was found by Sharon Shaver