Wisconsin Good Sam Club News

May 1, 2004                

         The May State Committee Meeting of the Wisconsin God Sam Organization was called to order by Director Al Schattschneider at 10:07 AM on Saturday, May 1, 2004, at the Recreation Park in Tomah.  Following the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer by Carol Yoemans, from the Wisingles, Director Al had new chapter presidents introduce themselves.  The roll call was taken.  21 of the 26 chapters (81%) responded.  Roving Retreads, Saw Dust City Sams, Shawano Area Campers, Winnebago Wanderers and Yahara Blackhawks did not have a representative at this meeting.  

         Ruth Anderson, from the Bell Ringers, made a motion to accept the minutes of the September 20, 2003 state meeting as mailed out.  The motions was seconded by Louie Sievert, from the Wisconsin Wheelies.  The motion was approved with 20 yea votes, 0 nay votes.

          Richard Campbell, from the Yellow Thunder Sams, made a motion to place the treasurer’s report on file for future audit.  The motion was seconded by Marion Dion, from the Lake-2-Lake Sams.  The motion was approved with 18 yea votes, 0 nay votes. 


     Director Al presented “Certificates of Recognition” from International for entering the chapter of the year contest to the Jackpine Travelers, Kinnic Kampers and Yellow Thunder Sams.  The Kinnic Kampers received a plaque for being last year’s Wisconsin chapter of the year.

     Applications for the chapter of the year contest at the state level must be turned in by the June Samboree.  The deadline for applications sent to International is in November. 

     International is pre-assigning parking at the Great North American RV Rally.  If you are going as part of a group, you must send the applications together.  Upon arrival, the 8-1/2x11 paper showing your name and your chapter or organization and “1” of “20”, “5” of “14”, as examples, must be displayed in the lower left corner of the windshield.

     Dates for the International Cleanup Days are May 15-17.  Participating chapters must submit the questionnaire by August 1, 2004, to receive recognition.  Send to Marlene Campbell, Good Sam Club, 2575 Vista Del Mar, Ventura, CA.

Assistant Director’s Reports 

     Vera Budzinski, Assistant Director NW.  The Northwest Jumbo is July 22-25 at Medford.  This is the 20th Anniversary.  The cost is $15.00 for the weekend.  On Thursday, the host chapter (Apple River Drifters) and the parking chapter (Shawano Area Campers) may come starting at noon.  Everyone else may come in after 3:00 pm on Thursday.  Other chapter assignments are:  Sawdust City, ice cream & bingo; Kinnic Kampers, pancake breakfast; Marshlanders, potluck supper; Curt & Linda Hanson, along with the Black River Ramblers, have the games.  $500.00 was donated to the fairgrounds for tables & chairs in the new building.  Vera is still looking for newsletters and meeting minutes from some of her chapters.  

     Dale Haltinner, Assistant Director NE.  The Northeast Jumbo is August 13-15 at the Waupaca County Fairgrounds in Weyauwega. The Cost is $10.00 per night for camping and a $5.00 registration fee.

     Pat Kelley, Assistant Director SW.  The Southwest Jumbo is September 11-13 at Adam’s county Castle Rock Park.  This is the lower of the 3 Adams County Parks on County Road Z (instead of Petenwell County Park).  The Yellow Thunder Sams are the host chapter.  The cost is to be determined.  Tell the office personnel you are there for the Good Sam Jumbo to receive a discounted price and be assigned a site in the area reserved for the Jumbo.  Entertainment will include Max Lytle from the Yahara Blackhawks.  More information will be available at the June Samboree.

     Rich Neuberger, Assistant Director SE.  The Southeast Jumbo is July 9-11 at the Walworth County Fairgrounds in Elkhorn.  The Rocky Rollers are the host chapter.  The camping fee is $18.00 per night and there is a $4.00 registration fee.  Cost for the Saturday evening meal, including beef & ham, is $6.00 for adults, $3.00 for children 2-8.  Friday night is a get acquainted over dessert.  Saturday morning is a continental breakfast.  Games Saturday morning & afternoon.  Entertainment Saturday evening.

     More information on these Jumbos is in the Sam-A-Gram and also will be available at the June Samboree.

Old Business

     Report from the committee for “Dogs for the Deaf”:  Gordon Langer, from Jackpine Travelers, reported he has been distributing brochures but has not gotten replies indicating a need for a dog. 

     Director Al reported that the annual donation of $500.00 from our state treasury for Special Olympics would continue as is.  He asked for discussion on which charity will receive this year’s $500.00 annual donation from our state treasury that previously went to Dogs for the Deaf.  Sharon Jasper reported she would like to see this money stay in Wisconsin.  She supports WAGS (Wisconsin Academy for Graduate Service Dogs).  This is a small group, all volunteer, and located in Madison.  Gordon Langer reports the Jackpine Travelers Chapter favors Dogs for the Deaf.  Claude Eakins, from the Rocky Rollers, said his chapter was for Leader Dog.  Richard Campbell suggested we put this $500.00 in a pool and once a year disperse this evenly to organizations voted into this pool.  Curt Hanson asked if we could rotate.  One dog charity this year, a different one next year, etc.  Sharon Jasper suggested that chapter donations could be sent by their chapters directly to the charity they support, and at the Samboree, report that a donation was sent to their charity.  That way, the chapter still receives the recognition, but it saves Sharon Kreul a lot of extra work.  Director Al asked for a vote by organization.  Dogs for the Deaf received 4 votes; Leader Dog received 3 votes; Paws for a Cause received 2 votes; and WAGS received 13 votes.  Richard Campbell made a motion that we split this donation 50/50 between WAGS and Dogs for the Deaf.  Claude Eakins seconded the motion.  There were 6 yea votes and 14 nay votes.  The motion was not approved.  Marc Polsean, from God’s Country Campers, made a motion that the $500.00 for this year be given to WAGS.  Ruth Anderson seconded the motion.  There were 17 yea votes, 2 nay votes.  The motion was approved.

     There was much discussion regarding the change to our constitution regarding reimbursement of State Director and Assistant Director expenses.  Ruth Anderson stated she was concerned that most of the reimbursements were too open ended.  One example was airfare.  Is this first class, business, or economy?  She suggested a committee of chapter presidents to review and clarify this.  Jean Goossen, from the Apple River Drifters, pointed out that this has already been discussed within most chapters and members will get tired of constantly talking about this at chapter meetings.  The question was asked if our budget could afford this.  Director Al responded that we are not taking about a lot of money.  One reason for reimbursements for State Director and Assistant Directors is an incentive to get members that may not otherwise be able to afford the duties of these offices to take positions of Assistant Directors or State Director.  Sharon Jasper reminded us we are still a volunteer organization.  Marc Polsean made a motion to accept the amendments to Articles IV and X.  Berneita Wienke, from the Kinnic Kampers, seconded the motion.  There were 6 yea votes and 12 nay votes.  The motion was not approved.

     Samboree Tasks for 2004.  Curt Hanson will organize the outdoor games with help from the Marshlanders.  Chapters having bean bag/bean bag baseball boards, please bring them.  Help is needed with crafts.

     For the jam sessions, if there are members in your chapter that can provide music, please bring your musical instruments, or singing voice.  Also looking for skits.  See Assistant Director Elwood Elliott for more info.  Red Johnson, from Minnesota Good Sam, will also be entertaining.  He is an excellent musician and songwriter.  The Tomah Chamber of Commerce will again be assisting us.  There will be two tours to Fort McCoy on Friday and two Amish tours on Saturday.  There will be some stagecoach rides around the fairgrounds.  Culvers will again provide frozen custard samples.  Each rig should bring two dozen regular cookies and one dozen sugar free cookies.  The chamber suggested a horse race.  Each chapter could supply a member to be a horse.  This is run on a grid of six rows of six squares.  Six horses are chosen for a race.  As a dice is rolled, the horse for the number shown on the dice advances one square.  The first horse to reach the finish line is the winner.  Al asked for a show of hands how many chapters wanted the race and would participate.  10 chapters voted yea, 1 chapter voted nay.  Al will tell the chamber to go ahead with this.  There will be a sign up sheet for the chapters at the Samboree.

     Claude Eakins volunteered as one of the color guards.  Elwood Elliott stated there are some veterans in the Kinnic Kampers that could also serve as color guards.  They should bring their service hats, or American Legion hats.  Elwood would like to honor all members that are veterans.  They should bring their service hats also.  They would come up in front, introduce themselves and which branch of the service they were in.

New Business

     Director Al asked the audit committee to give a report.  Richard Campbell reported a thorough audit was performed.  Other members on the committee were Max Lytle from the Yahara Blackhawks and Joyce Borkoski from the Milwaukee Roamers.  Joyce has accounting expertise.  The books were found to be in order.   No problems discovered.  It was the recommendation of the audit committee that audits be conducted every two years at the expiration of the treasurer’s term of office and special audits when there is a change of treasurer.

   Director Al read the proposed constitution amendments to Articles III & V.  The question was asked why we are going to one signature on the checks and why “major expenditures” in Article III was changed to “major assets.”  The expenditures are part of the budget for Samboree expenses and with an approved budget; these expenses have already been approved.  The two signatures require a check from the treasurer be sent to the state director, sometimes to a mail forwarding address to be counter signed.  These payments are for contracts approved and signed by the state director such as fairgrounds rental, entertainment for the Samboree, etc.  It could take several weeks to get a check counter signed.

     Berneita Wienke made a motion to approve the constitution amendments to Article III, Section 3 and Article V, sections 2 & 3 with the addition of “with one member being a CPA or having an accounting background” after “appoint three members of the State Committee? In Article V, section 3.  Jack Seamans, from On the Road Again, seconded the motion.  There were 17 yea votes, 0 nay votes.  The motion was approved.

     Director Al listed the fairground choices for the 2005 Samboree.  The dates are June 15-19.  They are:  Luxenburg, Marshfield, Tomah, and St. Croix Falls.  Jim Junion, from the Bay Samers, gave a presentation on the Luxenburg Fairgrounds.  It is an older fairgrounds, but has nice buildings.  There is some electric and water connections, and the rental price would include a large generator, so everyone would have limited electric.  There are many places to tour in the area.  There is a stock car race on the grounds Friday night that can’t be canceled.  Good Sam people wishing to watch the race would be given discounted tickets.  Director Al discussed the proposed contract Marshfield offered.  Al also discussed Tomah.  The Gold Wing motorcycle club is ready to take our weekend next year if we don’t come to Tomah.  St. Croix Falls has nice buildings, but very little electric.  There are many attractions in the St. Croix Falls area, including boat trips on the St. Croix River.  Director Al called for a vote:  Luxenburg received 6 votes; Marshfield received 0 votes; Tomah received 9 votes; St. Croix Falls received 1 vote.  Since Luxenburg & Tomah are close, a second vote was taken between Luxenburg & Tomah.  Luxenburg received 7 votes; Tomah received 11 votes.  Therefore, the 2005 Samboree will be in Tomah.

     Sharon Jasper asked if there is a way to be notified when members pass away.  Many of us just found out this weekend that George Florence passed away.  When our Website is up and running, there will be an area for this information.

     Linda Hanson informed us about the free dry dock camping May 25 & 26 at Buckhorn State Park, Necedah.  This weekend is to help clean up the park.  Arrive on Tuesday, May 25.  Spend Wednesday, May 26, as a workday.  Easy labor, nothing hard.  Head home on May 27.  NO park sticker needed for this weekend.  It is dry camping, no electric & free.  Potluck on Wednesday evening.  They provide all the equipment.  There is also a position of camp host open.  It is from August 7 to September 7.  You work 15 hours per week for a site with electric hookup.  Water is near by.  Duties include cleaning a small cabin that is for people with disabilities, check bathrooms for any problems and answer any questions that the day use folks have.  Contact Joe or Heather at 608-565-6461, if interested.

     Louie Sievert asked why the chapters didn’t receive a couple extra copies of the Sam-A-Gram for new members.  Our editor was not aware that a few extra copies should go to each chapter.  That will be corrected with the next Sam-A-Gram, which is scheduled for September or October.  This fall publication will be geared toward the members at large, so hopefully some of these will become chapter members.  Copies will also be sent to the Assistant Directors.  Everyone remarked what a wonderful Sam-A-Gram this last one was.

     Randi Owen, our Editor & Webmaster, gave a short presentation about our new website.  The address is www.wigoodsam.org.  It should be unofficially up in about 2 weeks.  It will officially rollout at tour June Samboree.  Chapters are encouraged to send chapter items to Randi, either for the Sam-A-Gram or for the Website.  You can send it to him by “snail mail” (post office) or email.  The email addresses are:  n9uom@tomah.com or owenb@tomah.com

   Randi gave a demonstration with his laptop.  It starts with the main page.  This is the welcome to Wisconsin Good Sam.  It includes information on the number of chapters and our June Samboree.  The next page is a letter from Al to proposed members.  This is a work in process.  It will continue to grow.  There will be a button that will bring a list of deceased members.  Another button brings up the state staff.  There is a section for state news.  There will be a page for the Samborees and the Jumbos.  If your Jumbo uses a registration form, send a copy to Randi.  He can include it so members can down load the form.  There is a section for Wisconsin chapters and links.  For example, the Jackpine Travelers have their own website.  This link can take you to the Jackpine’s website.  There is a page for chapter events.  Several chapters are already on the website.  Randi will be adding our Wisconsin charities.  There is a button for Wisconsin road conditions.  When you are South for the winter, you can click on that button and see the Wisconsin Road conditions map.  There is a section for photos.  There is a classified section.  It must be camping related, like the opening for a camp host at Buckhorn State Park.  Randi is volunteering to maintain the site, but there are fees.  Set up fee is $145.00 as a one-time fee.  Then it is $10.00 a month.  Vendors that come to our Samboree will have a link from our website to their website for one year.

     Dianna Hogle has resigned as Historian.  Director Al is looking for a replacement.

     We have two new State Safety Coordinators, Gladys Fuller, our Music Director, and Joann Johnson, from the Apple River Drifters.  They will share the duties.

     Marc Polsean made a motion to adjourn.  Claude Eakins seconded the motion.  There were 16 yea votes, 0 nay votes.  The motion was approved.  Adjourned at 1:37 PM.

 Jim Vetter
State Secretary


Our new State Historian is:  Cheryl Keene, 440 North St., Tomah, WI  54660-1235